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"$1.90? Okay, um... one second..."

You know you're poor when you pay for your Sonic strawberry limeade with 19 dimes. So, thank you, freckle-faced teenage employee. I appreciate that you didn't mock my change.

Some Ups and Downs of Late:

+ I may have gotten a job offer!

- Paying me $10.fucking.50 an hour. With so much experience and a year of my Master's degree, it amazes me that I can be paid so little.

+ I've sent my resumè out to several other jobs offering higher pay.

- But I'll probably be poor until I earn my M.S.W. in two more years.

+ I convinced Megan to watch Prison Break and got her hooked!

- But rumors still circulate that my man, Wentworth, really is gay. :-(

+ I move into my new apartment next Friday!

- I have no kitchen table, no microwave, and almost no kitchenware!

+ Big thanks to sarapada and walrusgrdn for their recommendations on areas in which to live!

- Although I'm told SW Portland/Beaverton is a lovely part of town, I'm a little nervous about moving in without ever having seen it in person.

+ My internet is being set up the day after I arrive!

- This after being forced to use dial-up at my parents' house.

+ I really can't wait to live in Portland.

- I miss Boston and my east coast friends dearly.

+ I've come to realize pawn shops and second hand stores are actually really awesome.

- I have no money.

+ During Sonic's 2-4 PM Happy Hour, I only have to use 8 dimes.

- I should be saving my dimes for bills.

+ As of next Friday, I will once again have my own apartment. I can decorate, lounge about, leave a mess in the sink, watch TV all day long in my pajamas, and plan a fabulous housewarming party (...once I get some furniture...)! Yay!


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Jul. 17th, 2008 01:58 pm (UTC)
Jul. 17th, 2008 05:30 pm (UTC)
Sw/Beaverton is ok in my opinion. You will find everything you need out there. But my heart in in hawthorne... about 32-39th and Hawthorne in SE. Check it out. They have a Mcmenamin's movie theatre. And tons of shops!

I am up inb portland on sunday for family stuff :) That will be the first time in ages we've been in the same city! You'll love it!

And when I start back to work in Sept, I will have to get my money together and come and see you :)

Good luck on the job thing! What area are you looking in? More of what you were doing in Boston? I can see if my mom or dad know of any places you haven't applied to yet since they have both worked in that field at various points.

Mostly best of luck! I am excited for you! :)
Jul. 21st, 2008 05:15 am (UTC)
YAAAAY! So glad to have you back!
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