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Lately: The Abridged Version

Good Things:

1. Going to Eugene this weekend!
2. Excited about college football! (Even though U of O is currently losing... sigh.)
3. Purchased a gym membership yesterday and have already worked out twice!
4. Made a kick-ass workout playlist for aforementioned gym trips!
5. Boston two weeks from tomorrow!
6. Three-day weekend!
7. Date #3 on Monday with new, promising boy who isn't a total asshole and/or emotionally immature!
8. Felt Kelly's fetus high-five me today at work!
9. Had a great talk with Jordan and am feeling ready (and excited) to move on!
10. 11 more days of work!

Not-So-Good Things:

1. My supervisor is unfair, immature, and irrationally bitchy.
2. My tummy hurts.
3. Currently still not registered for a class that I need in order to graduate on time. I hate you, PSU!
4. Cried at work yesterday because of evil supervisor.
5. Was comforted at work by my clients, but am going to miss them all terribly when I leave.
6. Bring It On: All or Nothing.
7. Anything involving Miley Cyrus.
8. Spending money I don't have. (On things like gym memberships... heh.)
9. Losing my pretty decent health insurance at the end of the month.
10. Being too lazy/tired/lame to write a real entry. Sigh.
Weekend Highlights:

~ Dancing my butt of at 80s night on Friday. My outfit = Michael Jackson shirt (in spite of overwhelming Facebook votes for the Pet Benetar tee), black leggings, black flats, and long pearls. I went with Becca, Haley, the9trances, and - through some divine miracle - Jordan. He was pretty much miserable the entire time (not being a fan of dancing, crowds, or the 80s...), but was a good sport and even danced with me during "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."

~ Hangover breakfast with Jordan at Helser's on Saturday morning. Biscuits and gravy for him, french toast for me, a side of bacon to share.

~ Impromptu BBQ at Becca's on Saturday night. Slip-and-slide, kiddie pool, a new friend from Boise, a new friend from Oklahoma, kabobs, Dr Pepper, and lots of good conversation.

~ Party at Chris and Matt's apartment downtown with cloudsobscured. I initially felt weird about going to the party because Chris and Matt are friends of Jordan's, but I decided that because I was separately invited via Facebook that I should go. So, I met up with Sarah outside their apartment building, and actually found myself having a great time! I chatted some with Emily again, finally got a chance to talk to Chris (who spit his tequila directly in my face after taking a huge gulp; entry's title = dedicated to him), talked to Dan about music stuff, spoke some Italian, and enjoyed 70 degrees at 1 AM.

~ Slept in today until 2 PM.

~ Went shopping this afternoon and purchased a new dress, two new pairs of Old Navy flip flops, and a new top.

~ Enjoyed this delicious pizza for dinner.

~ Texted Jordan off and on this evening, mostly about Andy Samberg, insomnia, and Presh songs.

~ Completed absolutely no homework. And, oddly enough, I don't feel a bit bad.

~ Officially began the countdown: 2 more classes, 2 final papers to write, 4 more days at my internship, SUMMER. THANK GOD.

Thumbs Up

Top Five Things That Are Making Me Really Happy:

1. Sunny and 70-80 degree weather all weekend long!

2. "Officially" being in a relationship with Jordan (more on that to come!)

3. Spending the long weekend with my parents, which will include Saturday Market tomorrow and a trip to the coast on Monday.

4. Knowing I only have two weeks of school/interning left before summer!

5. Being able to write a happy list for once.


Hives, et al.

As if having strep weren't enough, I'm now COVERED in hives that look a lot like this. They're mostly on my back, sides, and stomach, and I have never been so itchy in my LIFE. I've taken some Benadryl and have gone through an entire bottle of hydrocortisone, but still haven't gotten much relief.

Anyone have some suggestions?

"$1.90? Okay, um... one second..."

You know you're poor when you pay for your Sonic strawberry limeade with 19 dimes. So, thank you, freckle-faced teenage employee. I appreciate that you didn't mock my change.

Some Ups and Downs of Late:

+ I may have gotten a job offer!

- Paying me $10.fucking.50 an hour. With so much experience and a year of my Master's degree, it amazes me that I can be paid so little.

+ I've sent my resumè out to several other jobs offering higher pay.

- But I'll probably be poor until I earn my M.S.W. in two more years.

+ I convinced Megan to watch Prison Break and got her hooked!

- But rumors still circulate that my man, Wentworth, really is gay. :-(

+ I move into my new apartment next Friday!

- I have no kitchen table, no microwave, and almost no kitchenware!

+ Big thanks to sarapada and walrusgrdn for their recommendations on areas in which to live!

- Although I'm told SW Portland/Beaverton is a lovely part of town, I'm a little nervous about moving in without ever having seen it in person.

+ My internet is being set up the day after I arrive!

- This after being forced to use dial-up at my parents' house.

+ I really can't wait to live in Portland.

- I miss Boston and my east coast friends dearly.

+ I've come to realize pawn shops and second hand stores are actually really awesome.

- I have no money.

+ During Sonic's 2-4 PM Happy Hour, I only have to use 8 dimes.

- I should be saving my dimes for bills.

+ As of next Friday, I will once again have my own apartment. I can decorate, lounge about, leave a mess in the sink, watch TV all day long in my pajamas, and plan a fabulous housewarming party (...once I get some furniture...)! Yay!

Six Days To Go

I'm leaving Boston in six days. And I'm sort of freaking out.

That is all.


So. A lot's gone down. I hardly know where to begin.

Las Vegas, Nevada: I am completely, whole-heartedly obsessed with Vegas. Going into the trip, I was definitely excited to see the sights and do some gambling, but I had no idea that it was so... beautiful. Every single hotel is like its own little miniature vacation, each with its own decor and theme. You can walk along the strip, listening to the tap-tap-taps of non-English-speaking men trying to hand you small cards with photos and phone numbers of "Hot Local Girls." You can drink anywhere. You can get anything to drink. You can wear sweatpants. You can wear a cocktail dress. You can watch the Bellagio fountains for hours on end and never see the same water show twice. You can lose $120 on one slot machine, too, if you're not careful. Ahem. I loved, loved, loved it. And even made two Facebook albums to highlight its greatness.

Some of my favorite Vegas photos:

The Bellagio at night.

The Venetian.

Paris at night.

Hollywood/Venice Beach/Redondo Beach: I loved Hollywood, the wax museum, and all the celebrity-ness of it. (I even got to see a real red carpet!) Venice Beach was the amazing hippie-fest I'd remembered. I got a fun henna tattoo on my hand, bought some artwork, and smelled the familiar, college-esque scent of marijuana blowing in the warm, summer breeze. I saw some crazy people, even more crazy than some of the regular Eugene folk I'd grown to love on campus, ate some pizza, and took some ocean-side photos with Ben. Redondo was nice, too, and the highlight was probably celebrity-stalking with Ben when we learned a film crew was there shooting a movie produced by Tom Hanks. We hung around the trailers for awhile hoping to get a peek but, alas, to no avail. Oh, well.

Favorite Hollywood/Venice Beach/Redondo Beach photos:

The red carpet set up at the Kodak Theater.

View of LA from the freeway.

Pretty palm trees.

Tattoo: So, um, yeah. I accidentally got a tattoo. Kristin and I have been talking about it for a long time, and when I came back from vacation, I just felt... ready. So, I did it! Today! It's the word "Perseveranza" (meaning perseverance or persistence in Italian) on the inside of my forearm. It didn't hurt nearly as bad as I imagined it would, and I'm sort of already planning a "Forza" (strength) on the other arm. I never thought I'd be the kind of person to get a tattoo, but things change, I guess. Kristin got a treble clef on her back and was much more anxious than I, which I think eased the entire process.

Tattoo photos:

I'm a badass.

Close up.

Kristin's treble clef.


Otherwise, I'm sort of freaking out. My Dad and Bri arrive early next week, I haven't started packing, and I'm moving across the country - for the second time - in less than two weeks. Yikes.

SoCal is SoFun

I'm here in California. The weather is warm, but not unbearably hot like it was a few weeks ago, thank God. I'm hoping to touch base with missquita while I'm here, which will be a lot of fun. Tomorrow's Ben's birthday, Friday we leave for Vegas, and next week we're doing all sorts of cheesy, touristy things in L.A. I might even stop in and get a tattoo at the LA Ink shop... or maybe just a commemorative t-shirt. To be determined.

I'm feeling sort of sad for some reason. Wednesday was my last day of work, and it extremely emotional for me. A bunch of the kids made me cards, they had a cake for me, and about 20 of my co-workers came out after work for my goodbye soiree. Apparently a few of the kids have had behavioral problems since I've left - because I left - which has been hard to hear. It's so wonderful to know that I made such an impact and was able to be so supportive to this little group of kids, but it's heartbreaking to know I, too, have become another adult to leave. Needless to say, I cried most of the day. One child even asked if I could be his Mom - completely sincerely. Sometimes, I really wish I could say yes.

I return to Boston on the 14th, then pack up, and head cross-country June 30th. A month from today I'll be somewhere in the middle of the country, loaded up with my cat and only some of my precious belongings, and beginning the next chapter of my life: Post-Boston Life. It's amazing how good things start to look as soon as you're about to leave.

For now I'm trying not to think about it. I'm focusing on having fun while I'm here in California. If nothing else, I'm excited to have already eaten Taco Bell, which is almost non-existent in Massachusetts - and I love it just as much as I did during those drunken nights in Eugene. So that's good.

Strep Throat v 3.0

So, I may actually be dying. I know I've said that before, but I really think I am this time. Kinda.

I have STREP AGAIN. If you're keeping track, this is the THIRD time in FIVE WEEKS. I'm convinced it may actually be mono, or some sneaky type of tonsil cancer, but for now I am home from work and convinced my supervisors think I'm fabricating this entire story. Ah, if only I were so brave! And you know the worst part? It isn't even my throat; it's the body ache that has accompanied said strep. My entire body just hurts. A weird, crippling sort of hurt that has thus far wholly prevented me from doing anything but lie in bed and re-watch season one of Prison Break.

In other news, I've begun to make a few lists and a few countdowns. Here's what I've got so far:

Good Things

1. I am going to California and Vegas in 25 days.
2. I will be gone on this much-needed vacation for two full weeks.
3. My sister and Dad will be arriving in 50 days, directly following her 21st birthday.
4. I have a bunch of new summer-y skirts that I actually really like and think look good on me.
5. My new, $250 prescription sunglasses are awesome.
6. The weather here has been amazing this week.
7. Vitamin C and Echinacea tablets were on sale at CVS today; buy one get one free.
8. I'm officially done with school at BC for the year, and have officially been accepted to PSU.
9. I ordered my Mom a really pretty flower bouquet for Mother's Day that she'll love.
10. There are people excited to see me when I move back West, which almost counteracts the sadness I feel about leaving.

Things I Will Miss About Massachusetts

1. My job, my co-workers, my kiddos, my east coast friends.
2. Dunkin' Donuts iced tea with lemon. And there being one on every street corner.
3. The North End.
4. Riding on the T and listening to my iPod.
5. My amazing therapist.
6. Living with Kristin.
7. Having an apartment with wooden floors.
8. Funny accents. (I have perfected them!)
9. Being able to see my extended family more often. Even though I've been sucking at that since Christmas.
10. The Red Sox and going to games at Fenway.
11. The cute Massachusetts license plate I have.
12. Going to Dunn's almost once a week after work.
13. Living in a city with a long history.
14. Educating people who consider Idaho to be full solely of Mormons and potatoes. Which is only sort of true.
15. Rolling my eyes at people who pronounce Oregon as "Or-eee-gone" and knowing, soon enough, I'll hear it the right way.

Apr. 17th, 2008

Things I've Learned Today:

1. Apparently there's a new, super-powered, hyper-resistant strain of strep this year that no longer responds to many types of antibiotics, including Penicillin. I, of course, have been diagnosed with this particular strain. After going to the doctor for a third visit today (and having had strep for three weeks now), I've been placed on yet another antibiotic and am still waiting to hear back about my labs and throat cultures. Fantastic.

2. Today was Free Burrito Day at Chipotle, which was a welcomed surprise after my doctor's visit. These burritos, however, are evil and will terrorize your digestive system for hours and hours and hours.

3. Getting a B in each of my classes this semester is pretty darn impressive for how little homework I've actually done, so I feel okay about skipping both of them tomorrow.

4. One of the women at the pharmacy knows me by first name, which is probably a bad thing.

5. Baskin Robbins' mint chocolate chip ice cream may officially be my favorite thing in the world.

The End.